Ask Dr. Brinkley

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Ask Dr. Brinkley

Ask Dr. Brinkley

Dr. John Brinkley has 29 years of experience and has worked with thousands of patients. He is one of the state’s leading vision experts and you can ask  him whatever is on your mind. Dr. Brinkley or one of his staff will get back to you with an answer. Those questions and answers that we feel would have broad interest we will put up on the web.

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  1. We love to hear comments from our patients and probably you would, too.

    I always come here for my eye exams and contact lenses. Everyone is very nice, I don’t have to wait and the prices are very reasonable.

    I like to bring my kids in because the doctors are very good with children. Highly recommended.

  2. I come here all the time and I would strongly recommend Dr. Brinkley!

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