Corneal Correction Therapy (CCT)

What is Corneal Correction Therapy? 
Corneal Correction Therapy is a non-surgical procedure used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.   The cornea, the outer window of the eye, is reshaped while sleeping with a molding lens at night.  This reshaping of the cornea corrects the vision during the daytime to allow for clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

This non-surgical procedure is very safe.  It has the same risks as if wearing contact lenses, but at a lesser degree.  The molding lens looks like a regular gas permeable contact lens.  This makes it very safe and effective.  They are comfortable to sleep with, and are easy to handle.  The cornea will maintain the clear vision throughout the day until the molding lenses are worn again for sleeping.  These molding lenses are custom fit for each eye. The custom fit is based on taking computerized measurements of the cornea and the exact prescription.

The Corneal Correction Procedure

The first step for the corneal correction  procedure is to determine if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.  This is determined by performing a thorough eye examination.  During the examination, we will take a series of measurements of the cornea to determine its shape, thickness, and size.

We will also check thoroughly for any eye diseases or dystrophies that may disqualify the patient.  Most of the time we do dilate the pupils to allow for a more thorough examination of the retina.  We will also do a very thorough and precise refraction to determine the amount of prescription we need to correct.

Once this examination is finished, and the patient has been completely informed about all the aspects of the procedure, then we will order the first set of corneal correction appliances.  These will be custom ordered for each eye for each patient.  The corneal correction appliances typically take about one week to arrive at the office.

Your Second Appointment

The patient is then scheduled for an appointment to dispense the CCA’s (Corneal Correction appliances).  At this dispensing visit the patient will be instructed on how to insert and remove the GMA’s.  The patient will also be instructed on how to care for and handle the CCA’s.  The doctor will examine the fit of the CCA’s a on the patient’s eyes at this dispensing visit.

The patient is scheduled to return to the office the very next morning as the first patient of the day. They are to return that next morning with the appliances still on the eyes.  They will remove them at the office after the doctor has had a chance to evaluate the fit.  The patient will have slept in those CCA’s for about 6 to 10 hours that night before coming into the office.

The patient is scheduled to return to the office the very next morning as the first patient of the day. They are to return that next morning with the appliances still on the eyes.  They will remove them at the office after the doctor has had a chance to evaluate the fit.  The patient will have slept in those CCA’s for about 6 to 10 hours that night before coming into the office.

After the doctor evaluates the fit at that morning visit, the patient will be rescheduled for another office visit, typically in about one week.  If the patient is not fully corrected yet after just this one night of sleeping in the CCA’s, then they will be given some disposable soft contact lenses to wear during the day until they no longer need them.  Most patients no longer need the soft contact lenses during the daytime within one week of sleeping with the CCA’s.

At the one-week visit, the patient has an examination to determine their refraction and eye health.  By this time in the process, most patients are no longer wearing any correction during the daytime. They are just using the appliances at night to correct their vision.  If the patient is not seeing 20/20 in the daytime, then we will re-evaluate the fit and make the proper adjustments to correct the vision.

Please call our office to see if are a candidate for CCT. (803)-798-8642



What has been your experience with the Corneal Correction Procedure?


 Hillari P.; Age:15 years old
It is so cool and awesome seeing sharp and clear. It was difficult putting on my old contacts and remembering to take them off. Also putting my glasses on to see during the night and morning. Now that I have had experience with corneal correction  it made me feel so great seeing clear and seeing more stuff than before. I recommend corneal molding for everyone who has contacts or glasses that do not want to wear them!

Norma W.; Age:40 years old
My experience has been absolutely wonderful. I started wearing glasses when I was 14 years old. I then started wearing contacts because I was very involved in sports. I continued to wear contacts until I was about 38 years old, then I began to have a lot of discomfort and dryness. I saw the GMVC special on Great Days SA and decided to call. I had found out that I was not a candidate for Lasik.

After the first night wearing the moldings I could already see 20/20. It has been very exciting. I’ve only had to wear it in the right eye since my left isn’t that bad. I love the freedom I have now! I don’t have to worry about putting on my contacts and then having them become uncomfortable before I’m finished with my activities. I have been telling everyone I can about this Corneal Correction procedure. I’m so happy that I saw the program.

Ben J.; Age:36 years old
I am very satisfied with my lenses. I have no problems unless I neglect to wear my molding lenses and use my eye drops properly. If I am faithful with my eye care, I have 20/20 vision! I have had to wear glasses since i was 8 years old. This is much better and I have no fear of damaging my eyes as the years go by. I am confident this procedure will keep me healthy and with good vision. The staff is very helpful as well.

Paul H.; Age:41 years old
I had worn glasses since the second grade and my eyesight was really bad (-10) and Lasik was too expensive, so I found Dr. White when doing and internet search. The experience has been great! I could see great even after the first night and my right eye is even better than with glasses. I recommend this to anyone. Best I’ve seen in over 30 years!!

Dr. Cheryl T.; Age:37 years old
It is very exciting to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to put on glasses or contacts! The moldings were a challenge at first to place in my eyes, but once I got used to them it was very easy. I can watch my kids at the swimming pool without having to wear my glasses or contacts. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to be free of their glasses and contacts.

Margrit K.; Age:64 years old
I got my moldings in May, 2007 and have really enjoyed them. It has made a big difference in my lifestyle. I am able to see things that I had not been able to see with the glasses I used to wear. I can now put on make up without glasses, which makes it easier. when we play cards, I can see the cards better, and when bowling I can see the pins as well. It also has made a difference in driving, being able to see better both at night and during the day. On the first day I got the moldings my husband was driving, I could not help reading all of the signs along the road . I also enjoy being able to wear any sunglasses I choose! I want to thank Dr. White for moving to San Antonio and opening his practice here.

Julian Y.; Age:14 years old
This procedure has been great! I am very glad my parents got me into gentle molding with Dr. White and the great staff! My vision was really bad but after a week of wearing the moldings I could see much better! Thanks to everyone at Corneal Correction Vision Center! I deeply recommend this procedure to others! I can now swim, play golf and play without the worry of losing my contacts! Thanks alot!!

Michael G.; Age:32 years old
My experience has been great. I have worn glasses for 19 years and now I can see without them! It is such a pleasure to play sports, wear cheap sunglasses and not have my three year old grab my glasses off my face. My vision after one month is better than 20/20, which is amazing. I am very satisfied. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Michael L.; Age:45 years old
I have been very satisfied with the results of my moldings. I was very worried about getting them because I have very dry eyes. When I wake up in the morning they used to get so dry that when I opened my eyes they would stick together causing extreme pain. These moldings actually fixed my problem now instead I wake up put a couple of drops in my eyes, pop out the moldings and no pain! I have been free from glasses for months now and I love it. I am very happy to be able to read again without glasses and I will recommended this to my friends.

Josh S.; Age:14 years old
The moldings have been awesome! After wearing them for at least a month I can see crystal clear. It’s awesome! I can go swimming and still see. Can’t wait until school starts. The hardest part was putting the moldings in for the first week. It’s easier after I got used to them. The staff is also so helpful!

Sam W.; Age:45
After the 1st night of wear, my vision improved to 20/25 from a -3.00. What a great feeling to have instant results. I have worn contacts for 10+ years and the best thing about not having to wear them during the day – I CAN RUB MY EYES! I am a soccer official and it is such a delight now to do a game on a windy day without the fear of dust and dirt in the eyes. My vision is improving after 1 month to the point I can read small words at great distances – soon I’ll be Superman with X-ray vision! I highly recommend Corneal Molding – A painless process safe, and cost effective method to seeing better than you ever have in life! At least that is what it did for me! Thanks Dr. Gary & Staff!!

Bryant C.; Age:17
I always wore glasses and I never liked them, so when I got Corneal Correction  it was perfect for me. I never saw better in my life! And it is easy to take care of, also easy to handle. I really like my new vision, and it was worth the wait and the cost.

Julissa L.; Age: 18

I find that the Corneal Correction is very comfortable to wear at night and very easy to take out. They’re easy to keep up with, and worth every penny, you can’t put a price on being able to see! In about a month I had 20/20 vision. I go throughout the day without the help of glasses or contacts. I’m able to see the boards and projectors at school with no problems. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who doesn’t want to hassle with glasses or contacts.