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Has Your Vision Recently Changed?

You may need to be seen right away. Most of the time there is nothing to worry about. However, sometimes your vision could be at risk.
We have convenient locations and hours to serve you. With our doctors years of experience and latest technology, we provide thorough and complete eye care.

Eye Exams for Glasses or Contact Lenses

Let us schedule your eye exam and help you see clearly, have comfortable fitting glasses or contacts, and look the way you wanna look! Contact us now!

Convenient to You!

We have five convenient offices in the Columbia area with appointments available seven (7) days a week at certain locations. Contact us now!

Medical Eye Services (Infections, glaucoma, cataracts)

We provide comprehensive services for medical eye conditions. We diagnose, manage and treat most conditions of the eye. Trust us as your first line of defense against serious eye problems. Contact us now!

Injuries and Ocular Emergencies

We can treat, manage and followup eye injuries. See us immediately after an injury to help prevent permanent problems or vision loss. Contact us now!


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