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Things You Need to Know About Your Eyes

Our Doctors Find Out What's Really Going on and Explain It Simply
Our Doctors Find Out What’s Really Going on and Explain It Simply.

The more you understand about your eyes and your health, the better for everyone. After all, they’re YOUR eyes!

We explain what’s going on with your eyes in words you understand.We can show you models and pictures and give you practical advice on how to take care of whatever problems you may have.

We have the latest contact lenses, and Wal*Mart Vision Center works with us to provide you the coolest glasses at legendary low prices.

Some of what we have here for you is information that probably no doctor ever told you. But we believe you should know.

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Helpful Articles About Eyecare and Eye Disease

Important Websites

The official web site for the Vision Council of America, a non-profit organization that provides information to the public on the importance of regular eye exams.
The official web site of the American Optometric Association.
The official web site of Parents Active for Vision Education.
Web site for Optometric Extension Program provides information on many different vision conditions.
This site tells about using eye exercises to improve the vision in children suffering from lazy eye.
Provides information on a sensible and drug-free approach to helping children diagnosed with or suspected to have attention problems.
The official web sit of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.